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The author wishes to express appreciation for the work, extensive research and knowledge of the person's whose work is the foundation of this endeavor. 


The author wishes to note that the hope of this internet magazine is to enlighten and inform, as well as to encourage and offer help to fellow researchers, professional and non-professional.  And the greatest hope and vision is that those who read these works, who work in research and in the helping fields, will use this information and take it to the next level(s).  Use the information to the greater good of mankind.


Medicine is such a wonderful and astounding accomplishment.  There is always need for improvement in medicine.  And natural healing doesn't have to be dismissed at the expense of 'modern' medicine.  One hope would be that they may one day, work together.


People accross the world are coming together, on the internet... I read these articles and I become aware of the great healing and preventive measures that are occurring without the use of synthetic drugs.  And I say to myself, this has to continue.... and this is and will continue, with the use of this great instrument(s): the keyboard, the personal computer, the internet...  without censure these works will carry on.  The more people carrying the message, the more hope will come to the ability of people healing themselves, as they once did.  I don't believe this work will be able to be stopped not with our access to the internet.   It must remain free and uncensored. That is my hope and desire.


Again, there will be an ongoing, and lengthening list of citations for the sources I have used to create these pages.  I hope people will be drawn to the sites that I have used... possibly finding them, when before they might not have.


If your pages or work is cited within the pages of Your Health and Tech Friend (YHTF) and you are happy - please let me know.  If you would like your work/endeavor included in Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine, please email your request for consideration. 


This page may change as my purpose, or intent enlarges or takes another turn.


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The Editor

Your Health And Tech Friend

"...the fruit of the Spirit is ... joy ... peace... patience..."

By nature, I tend to be like any other guy out there. I'm not much like the Lord who teaches us to be patient. My simple, one-track mind sees only the goal, and anything that gets in the way is an obstacle, a problem, an interference. I'm quickly irritated by all set backs and delays.

Yesterday, I saw a bald eagle flying over the city. Now it's true that I do live in a region of the U.S. where eagles nest and hunt. But I live in the city. Bald eagles prefer to nest in high places, like rocky cliffs. In the almost 5 years I've lived in this city, I've never seen an eagle anywhere near town.

But I know why I saw that eagle over the city.

I was busy complaining to the Lord that things are not moving fast enough to suite me. My hopes and dreams are not moving toward fulfillment. At least not in any way that I can see. So I was telling the Lord how I felt. I wanted to see some immediate progress. I wanted something significant to happen. Right away...."   ..... read more....


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I am passing the information you give, on to others who may be able to receive help from it. Hopefully they will pass it on to others who can use it. Your site, if you find it here, will be accessible to anyone who discovers my site. If that ‘red arrow’ link takes them to your site, and they find more help, at your pages, that is one intention of mine. The article(s) I use from you, in my pages, are for the interests which I persue; in your site, you each provide information about many other interests that I do not. In this way, I highlight your information; give people a link into ‘your world’ of information, I provide a taste of what you have to ffer.  Hopefully, many will see your site, who may not previously have found your information.  

That is one outcome that my site will afford.


Yours... The Editor 

Your Health And Tech Friend 

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"...The human body possesses amazing healing powers that enable it to bounce back from a vast array of illnesses and injuries. Sometimes broken bones can heal so thoroughly within a few months that even an x-ray can't determine the original fracture line.

Doctors often play a vital, sometimes lifesaving, role in a bone's healing process. But, these experts basically help the body heal itself. Doctors provide optimal conditions for bone repair and healing to take place. The rest is up to your cells. ...."   follow to this article...

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