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Dr. Rami El-Hussieny, ND
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Lichen Sclerosus Page


Getting diagnosed and a treatment regimen that worked was a long 2 year journey and I wish I had started a blog way back then. Since I did not, I will summarize my last 10 years here and blog about my current experience with LS.

I married at the age of 22. We were excited about starting our new life together and later having a family. We traveled some. My husband was extremely romantic. Things were great. I had no idea I had LS at all. Then suddenly, out of the blue, ....   

Taylor Sauder - Texting And Driving Fatality


My feelings about this young woman is... she did many fine things in her short lifetime; she helped people; endeavored to do well.  She was young and an inexperienced driver.  Relatively very young.  From the article I read - she didn't believe there was a chance in h... that there was any other traffic on the road.  A  'long stretch' of empty highway.  I believe she never would have been using the facebooking or texting if she had any other traffic within her field of vision.  What a tanker truck, thousands of feet; miles ahead of her, was never in her thinking - a tanker truck travelling 35 miles per hour.  Taylor was driving 80.  A 'long stretch of' empty highway.  80 mph isn't unreasonable for a long distance travel.  She was a good girl, and a nice person.  As her mom said, "possibly if there were a no texting law in place in that state, she may not have been using the phone."  I can see that, as Taylor did do 'good things' in her life.  She was a girl going forward in life.  She might not have broken a law if there were one.  My greatest sympathies go to the family of Taylor, and her friends.  God has greater things in store for us than we can know.  Our 'field of vision' is short.  God's is great.  Only He knows the what and why, and He'll make sense of it for us.  That is my personal belief system.   Your Health And Tech Friend


P.S. Can we pass laws which may protect those who are too young, or too inexperienced to know for themselves?  I think it could be the best laws we can have.

Text Responsibly  -   Button Links


What is is a mobile application that reads text (SMS) messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers touching the mobile phone. is the solution to texting while driving.



"...There is no cause; however, there is prevention and relief to be had. If our internal terrain is failing, lacking: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, PH, healthy gut flora, and oxygen and if we are not staying hydrated, eating nutritiously and strengthening positive emotions we then become prime target for disease. Of course, there is some catalyst, or vector probably a fungal element from GMO pharming or something, but it will not take hold in those with a strong terrain and we can all strengthen our terrain and become at least "symptom free", I hesitate to use the word cured."  ...move to this article...
 "...As a result, many of the best performances have gone unrecognized and unappreciated by the critics and have disappeared from the catalogues.

It is worth whatever time and effort is necessary to seek out the best performances if access to some of the most meaningful of possible human experiences--experiences that never dull or tarnish--is desired. It is impossible to play live music twice in exactly the same manner. But recordings of great performances of musical masterworks can be repeated. When the reproduction is faithful to the original, these performances are among the very few experiences in this world that improve in their effect, becoming deeper and richer the more familiar with them one becomes.... move to this article...



Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, forerunner of toning as a healing art, and author of Toning: The Creative Power of the Voice, said, "Toning is an ancient method of healing…the idea is simply to restore people to their harmonic patterns." Don Campbell describes toning as, "Simple and audible sound, prolonged long enough to be identified. Toning is the conscious elongation of a sound using the breath and voice." this article...

Low Density Lipoprotein


"... not often that one of your friends calls, texts, or tweets us to brag about his/her good cholesterol being 60 mg/dl and his/her bad cholesterol coming in at around 100 mg/dl. Anyone who did might just be classified as a cholesterol nerd, or something of the sort. Nevertheless, these are important numbers and gaining a better understanding of what they represent in relation to your health could just save your life. Now if you have a few minutes to spare ..." 

I am passing the information you give, on to others who may be able to receive help from it. Hopefully they will pass it on to others who can use it. Your site, if you find it here, will be accessible to anyone who discovers my site. If that ‘red arrow’ link takes them to your site, and they find more help, at your pages, that is one intention of mine. The article(s) I use from you, in my pages, are for the interests which I persue.  In this way, I highlight your information; give people a link into ‘your portion' of the internet, I provide a taste of what you have to offer. Hopefully many will see your site, who may not previously have found your information.
That is one outcome that my site will afford - and I am grateful to you for that!


The Editor

Your Health And Tech Friend

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Keep Taking the Medicine

Patient: It's been one month since my last visit and I still feel miserable.

Doctor: Did you follow the instructions on the medicine I gave you?

Patient: I sure did - the bottle said 'keep tightly closed.'








"...Niacin, or vitamin B-3, is a general term that refers to nicotinic acid and its derivatives. Three main forms of niacin are currently available on the market:
  • nicotinic acid
  • nicotinamide
  • inositol hexaniacinate...."

Stop Human Trafficking

Oleander And Cancer
Beat Your Cancer? Page

Please access each individual site for the author's credentials.  This editor is  providing sources for information found on the internet.    The Editor -




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A Moment To Laugh

"Jesus has been thrown out of many neighborhoods, as He was thrown out of the town near the Gadarene boundary. He usually gets thrown out for "disturbing the war" instead of "disturbing the peace." Jesus comes into a neighborhood and calls us to repent, forgive, and obey. Then He casts out the devil and gives us peace.

In the neighborhood mentioned in today's Gospel reading, the road was closed because of the savagery of two demon-possessed men (Mt 8:28). Jesus drove out the demons, opened the road, and brought peace to the neighborhood. You'd think the chamber of commerce would give Him an award. Instead, they begged Jesus "to leave their neighborhood" (Mt 8:34).

Deep down, many neighborhoods don't want the peace of Jesus because we must accept Him as our Lord before we know Him as our Peace ..... "

Ormus - How To Make It
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