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Step One:  I use my gas stove; with a cast iron skillet: inside of the skillet is an oven-proof shallow dish: This is a double-boiler method.  I fill the skillet and dish with water.... Then I put a glass container (a glass pyrex measuring cup; in which to put the distilled water).... This way, the glass with the distilled water will get heated, but the glass will not crack.  You need to 'process' colloidal silver in a glass container; not plastic or metal:  only glass! 
A beautiful finished product!  It will turn slightly gold in color.  If not at first, give it a day to come up to a slightly gold or darker gold color.  The darker, the stronger the silver.  It's a good thing!
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Step by step instructions... this is my process for making colloidal silver.  If you need further instruction look to the internet.  There are other ways, (see one other way here..); there are also videos you may watch which will teach you step by step.  Do your research before using any alternative care.  Remember, if you have a medical condition you should see a medical doctor (see disclaimer page).
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This is a regular cast iron skillet:  inside of it is an oven-safe shallow bowl.... When I first began making silver this way, I put water into the skillet; and then the glass measuring cup (a large one) filled with the distilled water, directly into the cast skillet: but, when the water dried up, by accident; I let the water dry up, the glass bottom broke off of the measuring cup... I then learned that the water in the glass cup will get warm enough in a 'water bath' with an oven-safe dish underneath it, and then the glass doesn't get too hot.  It is a perfect way to make the silver!
Important!  You must start with proper distilled water.  I purchase mine mostly from a store called Drug Mart.  This is a steam distillation process.  (NOT Reverse Osmosis).  Proper water is essential... the silver made from the wrong water will usually turn greyish; I did use the wrong water at one time; it's useable; but not good...  it will usually turn a greyish color soon, and does not have a good taste.  Proper steam distilled water makes a fine colloidal silver product.  Do not use mineral water... spring water.  Read the label and look for Distilled Water... look further on the label for "steam distilled."  You can usually find that.  Sometimes you'll see 'distilled by reverse osmosis'; you do not want that.  So read your labels.  I phoned the company Drug Mart; an Ohio based company; they said that steam distillation is the usual method.  Either the Distillata Company or Drug Mart; one of those companies told me that the usual method is steam...  if you get a grey or black product, you are using the wrong water.  If it does not come to a golden color, it is no doubt the wrong water.
After straining the finished silver water, and filling up the mason jars with the wet coffee filters, I pour a small amount of silver into each of the mason jars, just to have a bit more silver water in with the 'wipes.'  That way, when you want to use them, just tip the jar to moisten them, before removing the lid; and you'll have nice damp colloidal silver wipes.  I use them to wipe my door knobs; clean the bathroom sink faucet; especially after company leaves.  I use one or two to wipe down the waste basket's lid in the kitchen.  They are very handy.  of course, we keep one in the bathroom cupboard for my teen's healthy beautiful skin; she uses them for cleansing her skin.  And we keep a jar next to my husband's 'chair' in the living room.  He uses them for foot care; he wears work boots, and after a bath, he uses the colloidal silver wipes in place of the foot care products he used to have to use;  these are natural, and have no chemicals.  So no chemicals can get into your body through your skin!  It's a very good thing!

Voila!  Colloidal 'silver wipes' in a mason jar.  A beautiful finished product. 



Your Health And Tech Friend

You don't need a laptop to process silver, however my laptop got into this picture - it is my HP Pavilion dv6.   It's speed and capacity have been invaluable for website building.  And the internet, personal computer is where I first found out how to process my own colloidal silver.  If you need further instruction - look for videos on YouTube and you can find videos instructing you on this process.  There are several ways to make colloidal silver.
UPDATE:  WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING LATELY - One day not too long ago, I didn't turn on the gas... on the stove.  I plugged  the generator into the electrical socket; and I forgot that I was making silver.  I went about my business of the day... The water in the glass measuring cup was cold.  After the entire day; 6- 8 hours, the silver had come up to a pretty good level of colloidal silver ) if I were to guess, I'd say it was approximately 4ppm silver.   4ppm is a good enough strength of silver to ward off infection: in my experience.  The electricity alone did it's work.  I was short on time, so I strained it a few times (maybe 4 times through the coffee filters) and put it into my glass bottles.  I am short on time lately, so ... by not using the fire on the stove; there isn't any heat; and I just let the silver process very slowly with the electricity.  It works and makes a mild silver product.  As I am 'still learning' - no one is an expert on colloidal silver; we're all just using it, from what I find.  I'm finding that the term, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' must have come from the use of colloidal silver.  Because just a small amount of c.s. used on a regular basis, is the prevention to colds, flu, cold sores; urinary tract infections.... etc.  I'm pretty happy with just generating that measuring cup full of silver, on a maybe, bi-monthly basis.  About every two weeks I make a large cup full. 
This is the electric 'generator' which I use and purchased from Utopia Silver Supplements.  I'm very happy with it, it has made this process much easier.  It plugs into the wall - electrically processing the silver particles into the pure, very clean distilled water.  The heated water helps the process to come up more quickly than if one were using cold or cool water.  so I keep the gas fire on, on the stove, under the skillet, to heat the distilled water - and to keep it hot while the silver is 'cooking' via the electric generator unit.
I'd like to share a warning with you:  a large word of caution.  Of course, I know that I need to 'unplug' the generator before cleaning the rods; or before lifting the generator from the water.  But... I don't know if I forgot one day; or got lazy ... but whatever, I was holding the generator and I think I let the silver rods rest against the cast iron skillet; or something, but I know that I came very close to electrocuting myself.  In fact, I didn't know why I didn't get a shock.  So, with that, I'd like to send a word of caution;  Please be careful when using any electrical device, especially where it includes water!  Your Health And Tech Friend


The jury is out on whether it is necessary to strain your colloidal silver, but I do.  I use good coffee filters.  Melitta brand or a type that is labelled natural.   I don't want to strain my good clean silver water, through anything that has chemicals in it; so I don't buy the drugstore type.  I'm not certain that Melitta are actually better, but they are a more expensive brand.  Sometimes I've purchased the natural brand from Trader Joe's - so there will be no trace of chemicals in my colloidal silver.  I strain the silver about 4 to 6 times through filters; using a filter only one time; and then dropping it into glass mason jars.  When a jar is full, I put the lid on and store them in a cabinet.  Kitchen or bathroom cabinet.  These 'wipes' need to be kept away from sunlight, or even from the room light; and they stay nice and white, and ready for personal use.  You may use these as  cleansing wipes for you skin; to cleanse it of bacteria... or for any personal use you would normally use 'baby wipes' on.  These will be natural however, no chemical additives... very safe for skin.  Please check to see if you have an allergy to silver products.  Can you wear a silver necklace?  Silver bracelet?  Only a silver allergy, in my opinion, would preclude you from being able to use colloidal silver topically or otherwise.  I am not a physician however, so if you have questions, please consult with a medical providor. 


Another note:  colloidal silver acts as an antibiotic in some ways; ...  of course; I don't know how to explain how that works; but, if you have trouble with certain antibiotics; possibly you'd take it more slowly when using colloidal silver...  Please exercise caution with any alternative use product. 

These are some of the bottles I've purchased in which to keep and store my finished colloidal silver.  The silver water must be kept from the sunlight; stored in a cupboard - or shelf away from a window.  Out of light is optimal.  If it is kept stored in a cupboard, in a darkened, brown, green or blue colored bottle, it will last a very long time.   I've had bottles last for 3-6 months.  Usually I've used it before that time though.  Perrier bottles are good, I discard the water and use the bottles for the silver.  I keep labels for labelling the bottles; Colloidal Silver, and mark it with a date.
When the silver rods become full of the silver particles, they need to be wiped clean, and scrubbed with scrubbing pads.  And then wiped with a soft, dry dish cloth.  Replace them into the water after cleaning and let it continue to come up to the desired strength.
As the silver particles are dissolved into the water, the rods themselves collect silver ions.  They become blackened in color and appear fuzzy.  This is when you remove the rods from the water (after unplugging the electrical unit from the electrical outlet!)  Lift the generator out from the water, wipe the rods clean, scrub the blackened particles with a dry scrubing pad; then wipe the particles clean from the rod with a soft dry cloth.  I use a regular dishtowl; or cotten t-shirt material.  If you keep these rods clean, as the silver processes, you have a more pure silver end product.  Your silver will contain, very pure clean distilled water with colloidal silver in it.  And will be a good product for self care.

"Most importantly, when I tried it, it worked like a charm. I drank several ounces, put several drops in each of my eyes and ears at bedtime (many infections enter the body at the eyes and ears) and used the spray pump to spray some colloidal silver into my throat while inhaling deeply at the same time in order to get the micro-particle silver solution down into my lungs (kinda like a makeshift nebulizer).

By the next day I was feeling much better and was able to continue through the conference with no more sniffles, congestion or sore throat. The homemade micro-particle colloidal silver that had been stored in my shaving kit (from a previous road trip)..."  ... to this page ...





"...refers to a combination of conventional medical treatments and therapies, as well as alternative medical therapies. It uses the best of both approaches, usually starting with the least invasive, least toxic treatments. If these do not work to solve the problem, then more aggressive medical therapies are tried.

This approach is sometime referred to as “CAM” for short. Treatment combinations for example might be something like drug therapy combined with acupuncture, chemotherapy supported by nutrition, or the use of ..." .... continue to this page .....





"Most physicians say lymphedema is a lifelong disability and cannot be treated effectively. But that's not the way Glasser sees it. He uses a procedure called complete decongestive physiotherapy (developed in Europe in the 1930's and refined in succeeding years) which involves manual lymph drainage, special compression techniques, and precise nutrient supplementation. With this, Glasser is able to get lymphedema patients moving about easily again, their limbs back to normal size. Glasser says patients who start a supplement program two to four weeks before beginning lymphedema treatment get "greatly enhanced results". Glasser adds "there is usually a dramatic improvement in symptoms' edema decreases, scar tissue softens, swollen limb measurements decrease, and an overall improvement .... to this page ...

Hi!  Well, I've got some pictures of the equipment and the process I use to make colloidal silver.  I learned from looking at videos, and other people's ways of making silver.  This is the process I use now.  Until recently I did heat the water in a microwave.   I believe it was a fine product that I received, however with what we are learning of microwave 'damaging' the molecular structure of foods; including the distilled water which is use to make silver, I quit using the microwave and I use this 'water bath' double boiler method. 

This video is one of many videos by this editor, that are on You Tube.  Please see Your Health And Tech Friend's many videos on You Tube

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