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(NaturalNews) Cancer will be the number one killer in the world by the year 2010, overtaking the spot now held by heart disease, according to a recent report from Associated Press. International health experts foresee a doubling in the global rate of cancer deaths by 2030. Cancer diagnoses have been steadily rising around the globe and are expected to hit 12 million this year, with deaths from cancer logging in at 7 million. By 2030 this appalling toll will hit 27 million diagnoses and 17 million deaths. What can you do to make sure you are not among the gruesome statistics? Assuming you do not smoke or drink excessively, here is a list of the top 10 steps for avoiding cancer. Anyone who has had cancer can use these steps to prevent a recurrence.

Make high quality food a priority

The quality of the food supply is very poor, being grown in depleted soil, transported long distances, stored, processed, and packaged. There is very little nutrition left in such food. Yet high quality nutrients are required by the body to keep it free of cancer. Food is a lot more than just calories. It is the bedrock of the body's defense, so only the highest quality, most nutrient packed food should be eaten. High quality food is not about what tastes the best, but what will make you feel the best.

It is up to us to be as proactive as we can when dealing with what life has offered if we hope to retain our health. Eating locally and organically grown and produced food is the best way to get maximum nutrition. Since everyone does not have access to this kind of food, the next best thing is to make a commitment to eat whole foods that retain their integrity and have not been processed. Whole foods are things like apples, celery, potatoes and chicken legs, items that have not been altered from their natural state.

Food prepared at home is best because restaurant food is low on nutrition and high on toxic chemicals. But stay away from packaged foods and other products of food technology. They are processed, low on nutrients, and usually chocked full of chemicals. They have been created to benefit the food company that manufactures them, not the person who has to eat them. A plant based diet that places primary emphasis on vegetables and fruits eaten raw offers the highest level of cancer preventing compounds. A diet that places primary emphasis on processed carbohydrates like pancakes, bread, cake and snack foods offers the lowest level of cancer protection.

If avoiding cancer is the goal, eat the highest quality food that can be found and afforded. When times are though, think of an investment in high quality food as something that can never be taken from you, and will never lose its value. High quality food will enhance your looks and appeal to a much greater extent than a new outfit, hairdo or manicure. There is nothing that creates a radiant appearance like the glow of good health.

A diet that frequently includes known cancer fighting food is of tremendous value in the quest to remain cancer free. The Budwig protocol is the only well documented food cure for cancer. It consists of flax oil mixed with cottage cheese. Other known potent cancer fighters are berries, apples eaten with their seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, beans and other legumes, garlic, tea, grapes, red wine, avocados, and tomatoes. Most culinary herbs have cancer fighting properties so use them whenever possible. Turmeric, ginger, rosemary, cumin, and cayenne are among the richest in cancer fighting compounds.

Stay as chemically free as possible

When the body is chemicalized, the immune system is so busy dealing with the toxic chemical onslaught that it cannot do the jobs it was meant to do. One job of the immune system is to make sure the cancerous cells produced by the body every day are identified and eliminated before they can turn into a full blown cancer. The immune system perceives toxic chemicals as just what they are, foreign invaders that do not exist in nature. It responds by trying to oust these invaders from the body. While it is busy doing that, a few cancerous cells can slip by unnoticed and a cancer can begin.

We are living in a time of chemical assault like never before. Our food is full of chemicals, the air we breathe is polluted, and the water supply contains industrial waste and pharmaceutical residues. Our personal care and household products are a toxic chemical soup. Add to that the threat from electro magnetic fields (EMFS) such as produced by power lines, computers, cell phones and even electric alarm clocks, and the total environmental threat we deal with on a daily basis is mind boggling.

Anyone who has been on the standard American diet, taking prescription drugs, and using personal care and household products from traditional retail outlets has a huge store of toxins in the body that need to be eliminated before they can contribute to the development of cancer. This can be accomplished by practicing yoga and using the breathing techniques prescribed by yoga masters, or by deep tissue massage. For the first few times, each should be followed by a general purpose antioxidant supplement like R-Lipoic Acid, and the drinking of plenty of pure water. Both will flush out toxins. Cilantro juice is another way to flush out many toxins including heavy metals. Follow the juice with chlorella or IP6 to escort them from the body. There are many other detox formulas on the market.

It is relatively easy to find personal care, cosmetic, and household products that are free of toxic chemicals. Non-toxic products can be easily ordered on line and shipped to your home. Install a water purification system, preferably one that uses reverse osmosis to get the toxins out of your drinking water and the water in which you bathe. These are also available online. Let fresh air into your home or workplace whenever possible. Use houseplants to keep the air in your environment free of pollutants. One medium sized houseplant for every 100 square foot of space should do the trick. Larger plants provide even more natural air cleaning.

Do the best you can to rid your environment of EMFs. For starters, never sit with a laptop computer on your lap. Get rid of those old style televisions and computer monitors that emit huge amounts of radiation. Throw out your microwave. If you aren't buying packaged processed foods, you won't need it. For a quick heating device, get an inexpensive toaster oven. Move the alarm clock from next to...
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The doctor believes only about 15% of cancer ...

The doctor believes only about 15% of cancer is hereditary—that leaves 85% that is environmental. And one of the biggest environmental aspects we have control of is what we put in our mouths.

Did you know, a drop of garlic oil applied to a cancer cell in the lab kills the cancer cell?

Cancer needs living cells to thrive, sucking the life out of them and corrupting them at the same time—somewhat like vampires in old movies. And just like in those films—garlic keeps them at bay.

There's more good news: lots of other foods inhibit cancer cell growth as well.

So besides garlic—which is number one—here are two of my personal favorites in excerpts from the book:

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"...If avoiding cancer is the goal, eat the highest quality food that can be found and afforded. When times are though, think of an investment in high quality food as something that can never be taken from you, and will never lose its value...." 
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Many times cancer patients ....

Many times cancer patients have been cured of their cancer, meaning put into “remission,” only to have their cancer return later, which is called “regression.”

We have seen people who went to one of the best orthodox cancer clinics in the world who had their cancer come back.

For example, can chemotherapy build the immune system? No, it destroys it.

Can surgery build your immune system? Obviously not.

Can radiation build your immune system? Obviously not.

Even those who went to the best natural medicine clinics can have their cancer come back because a person cannot fix the “root cause” of cancer in a few days or even a few weeks.

While these treatments can certainly help, and can get rid of many cancer cells, and can “buy time,” the best solution is to use a complete natural medicine treatment, for home use, as soon as the patient gets home.

For example, the Photon Protocol actually deals with the “root cause” of the cancer. The Cellect-Budwig and Bill Henderson Protocols also, to a large degree, deal with the “root cause” of the cancer.

But whether you just finished an orthodox clinic treatment, a natural medicine clinic treatment, or a home treatment for cancer, this article discusses a four phase treatment for cancer which is designed to make sure the cancer never comes back.

Your main treatment was Phase #1, now learn about the other three phases in this article.

The Four Phases

The Phase One protocol is the treatment of the cancer itself. Examples would be the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Hyperthermia with low-dose chemotherapy (done at a clinic), Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc. The choice of the Phase One treatment will depend on the situation, such as the type of cancer, how far it has spread, the budget of the family, etc. The goal of the Phase One protocol is to keep the patient alive and put the cancer patient into remission.

The Phase Two, Three and Four protocols are what this article is about. Very specific cancer treatments need to be used to make sure the cancer never comes back!! If you are already in remission you can skip Phase One and jump directly to Phase Two, Three and Four.

When you are done with these phases you will have:

  1. Zero cancer cells in your body,
  2. microbes in your body (except in your stomach where most of them are beneficial), which is critical to strengthen the immune system and prevent the cancer from coming back,
  3. Zero lactic acid in the bloodstream,
  4. A supercharged immune system that “eats” any newly developing cancer cells.

This provides an overpowering advantage to the immune system to keep cancer cells away. However, a word of warning is needed. Those who have had a lot of chemotherapy may need many months to have their immune system rebuilt, so do not stop this protocol too soon.

The Theory of This Protocol

Let us think about what causes cancer in the first place. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but their immune system keeps the number of cancer cells from growing out of control. As long as the number of cancer cells and the strength of the immune system are in balance, the person will probably not be “diagnosed” with cancer.

Let us use numbers to explain this. The average person has an immune system with a score of ’50′ on a 100 point scale (this is accurate as you will see later in this article) and a number of cancer cells which we will define to be a ’50′ on a different 100 point scale. Things are in balance and the person will not be diagnosed with cancer.

If something happens to lower the immune system score or raise the number of cancer cells score, the balance can be destroyed and the number of cancer cells can overpower the immune system and the person may eventually be diagnosed with cancer. ..."

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