In front of me is an opened box of Tylenol Cold Multi-symptom Rapid Release Gels, a box of Advil Cold & Sinus Non-Drowsy, and an almost empty card of pseudophedrine hcl. I pulled them out of my top kitchen cupboard yesterday and am going to be disposing of them shortly.

I’m starting some web pages however, and I couldn’t pass up writing about this occasion.


These packages of cold and flu - over the counter medicine were purchased over three years ago.

It has been three years now since I’ve had to purchase over the counter (otc) medicines for cold or flu. Each season, every fall, I’ve had to go to a drug store and do the ‘stock up’ on cold and flu drugs. About $70.00 worth of this stuff, to prepare for ‘the season’ .  The regular runny noses, stuffy noses, coughs, colds, flu. Sore throats, night time cold, day time cold,  12 hr middle of the night cough medicine, fizzy kind, powder you put in hot water...  Non drowsy for the husband to take to work with him.  Nighttime for self and daughter


Then, we found - I found, while looking for other reasons, I found my way to colloidal silverThe way I found it is a really fascinating story, which I don’t want to get in to at the moment. But after taking the silver for awhile, I found that we weren’t getting colds. I started taking it for it’s arthritis and bone-health properties.  And - a very surprising and good thing that happened was the immunity from cold and flu. I hadn’t read about that, or hadn’t  paid attention to that benefit. But it happened. Along with that, I have not gotten a cold sore in these past three year.  That is the herpes virus you know, and ‘nothing’ stops a virus, does it? That’s what ‘they say’, don’t they?  But it did. It has been wonderful not dealing with those horrible cold sores. My family members had not had them, but I did. Two to three would pop out on my lips with each cold season, and stress would aggravate them, or bring them on by itself.  

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It happens to everyone for a variety of reasons. You end up with a medicine cabinet full of expired or unused medications, now considered a toxic form of household hazardous waste.


Proper drug disposal is an emerging environmental issue.  As with any household waste, the disposal method chosen can have a direct effect on safety and the health of the environment. Most strive to be responsible. What are your options? Learn how to safely dispose of your unwanted medications.....


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"...welcome reaction to taking
colloidal silver, for myself and
my husband has been the

from arthritis pain. My left
knee is my worse knee. Both
knees have 'chondramalacia
patella' . 
I've been diagnosed with that
since my mid 20's. I'm 54
at this time. My left knee
is very unmanageable, without
taking silver..." this page....



Don't Drink And Drive
Don't Drink And Drive
Text Responsibly - Save Lives

How I got help...   The way to prevent cold and flu... .. and much much more.



 Dad said, "They said to me, 'Mr. Petrie, she has 5 more days left that she is allowed to stay for her physical therapy'.. [medicare allowed 5 more days, this was following a knee implant]. 'Mr. Petrie, don't take her home yet, she has 5 more days; you can leave her here for five more days; ... you'll be taking her home against doctor's orders you know! Don't you understand Mr. Petrie, you'll be all on your own once you bring her home.' My dad said to me, "They didn't understand, in 5 day's I'd be on my own with her."

My dad is a smart man. He then said to me. "Five days in Manor Care is about $7000.00 from medicare. They wanted the money."

Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Islet

In 2004, doctors found that Jobs had a pancreatic neuroendocrine islet cell tumor, which is very different from the more well-known pancreatic cancer that took the life of actor Patrick Swayze in 2009.

"They are slower-growing tumors than typical pancreatic cancers. The survival rate for more typical cancers is much lower," said Dr. Alejandro Ayala, associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine.

Scholarships Available


Homeschool to College...


What is the Mary Alice Scholarship Fund?

Bob and Sharon Alexander established The Mary Alice Scholarship in memory of Bob's sister who died from leukemia when they were children. The Mary Alice Education Fund (MAEF), a tax-deductible, non-profit (501(c)(3) foundation raises money through this website, operating SAT/ACT courses, and providing private tutoring services. MAEF enjoys its charitable status as a project of the Congressional District Programs. MAEF provides $1,000 Mary Alice Scholarships to graduating high school seniors. MAEF deposits the scholarship money directly into the recipient’s financial account at the college he or she attends. Applications for scholarships are available at by clicking the Application Form link.

Registration fees paid to use support the operation of the scholarship program. Registration fees are NOT tax-deductible according to IRS regulations since you will receive a service.

You may make a voluntary, tax-deductible contribution to the fund. Please mail a check payable to the Mary Alice Education Fund to 2600 Barker Road, St. Cloud, FL 34771. Your check serves as your receipt. In the event your check exceeds $300, you will receive a receipt from the Congressional District Programs recognizing your contribution to our charity. ....


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Rife technology and/or MMS. Both are controversial and neither are recommended by the FDA...and recently a warning was posted by the FDA regarding MMS as it can cause nausea, diarrhea and possible death. I suggest that you read the side effects of all the medications that you are using for comparison and make your decision. Many people die each year from Ibuprofen and antibiotics that are FDA approved so I guess these deaths are FDA approved deaths?

To my knowledge no one has died from the use of MMS. I feel you should be fully informed to make your decision. I and my family have used both Rife technology and MMS and hundreds of thousands of others over the past three years have used MMS. It is inexpensive and a great anti-microbial that does not cause resistant infections.

Rife technology has been advancing in recent years. Rife technology delivers frequencies to the body that kill pathogens. There are many types of Rife like machines out there. The best that I've found is the GB4000 with amplifier. If you choose this route you must get the amplifier. It will kill microbes and some people with Crohn's disease do have success with it combined with nutritional protocols. The limiting factor is the cost of the equipment and there is a learning curve to use it but not insurmountable. It is a viable option and I have used it successfully for other types of microbial issues. Many Crohn's patients who have experimented with it have found good results.

The other alternative treatment for removal is MMS. MMS kills pathogens quickly and with no significant adverse effects in my experience and many others that I have discussed the use of MMS with. Most people with Crohn’s experience some degree of improvement on MMS. Some people have had very close to cure benefits and are symptom free.

MMS will quickly and radically decrease the pathogen load in the GI tract as well as in the blood, fully and systemically. If you have associated skin or other conditions with Crohn's you will likely see those improve also

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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr

"One effective way to strengthen intuition is to be guided by what makes you feel good. It sounds impossibly simple but the soul communicates by triggering emotions - good or bad. When we are going in the right direction according to our soul's plan, we are happy and content. When we are not doing something that is in our 'highest good' (that is, when the soul 'approves'), life is a struggle and doesn't feel good at all. Without intuition, we struggle to find harmony in our body, mind and soul.

..."  ... read more ...



Information for the handicapped is plentiful online but you have to know where to look. Help for those with disabilities include information, discounts, local services and more. No matter what your disability or handicap there's a site for you. One resource for any disability is the county Department of Social Services. Put your county name and "DSS" or "Department of Social Services" into the search engine to discover what all services are available in your area.

You can also find help locally by searching for "transportation" + "disability" + "your city" or "ride for the handicapped". Many cities have a bus shuttle service that will gather disabled citizens and take them to pay bills, visit the doctor and do minor shopping. There are other places, such as Meals on Wheels, that will come to your home with a hot meal, once a day. There's also places that check in on the disabled and elderly to help them with cooking or chores. Find these places by typing in "disability" + "assistance" + "your city". Or, specifically, "transportation" + "disabled" + "your city".

Online resources are often taken advantage of offline but they provide the information needed for those with disabilities to locate the particular service in their area. Online the listings usually cover specific handicaps but there are some web sites that offer help for those with any disability:

There are many federally-operated programs for the disabled. Find a list here:

For info on the rights of those with disabilities, whether in your state or country, go to or

A great website to visit for info on services, jobs, and issues on participating in mainstream society, go to ...


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Symptoms and Signs/Symptoms of Infection

Sebaceous cysts are usually painless, slow-growing, small bumps or lumps that move freely under the skin. It's important not to touch or try to remove the substance inside to prevent tenderness, swelling, and infection of a sebaceous cyst.

Occasionally, infections may occur. Signs or symptoms that may indicate infection of sebaceous cysts include:


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"...findings are encouraging in that some day they may lead to more effective treatments for alcohol and food addictions. Meanwhile, the link between the two compulsive disorders may suggest that the same kind of programs, which have helped alcoholics achieve sobriety, may also allow overeaters to tap into their own higher power to surmount their problems. Both Alcoholics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous take a spiritual approach and rely on group support. For those who want the latter without the former, Weight Watchers uses the group dynamic..." ... to this page ...
Nearly 80 percent of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer will become long-term survivors due to advances in treatment, according to a new study published in the Oct. 12 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, but it also states that those survivors will likely live for 20 to 30 years with...

In the world of Windows software, free has almost become a bad word. Most programs offered as a free download bring along unwelcome companions for the ride: intrusive spyware, embedded advertising, and frustrating restrictions. With most (or virtually all) functionality disabled, some of these programs are so hamstrung, they can hardly do anything. Such programs aren't really free; they're glorified advertisements for commercial applications. It's enough to drive an otherwise confirmed cheapskate to shell out hard-earned cash.

Don't despair: Though it may seem like their numbers are dwindling, Windows software developers who know the true meaning of free still exist.

My kids have been educated on the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi networks, so they were aware enough to come home and tell me how they’re unwillingly getting exposed to EMR at their school – via other kids’ cell phones and the wireless computers in the computer room.

My children have told me ....

The human body possesses amazing healing powers that enable it to bounce back from a vast array of illnesses and injuries. Sometimes broken bones can heal so thoroughly within a few months that even an x-ray can't determine the original fracture line.

Doctors often play a vital, sometimes lifesaving, role in a bone's healing process. But, these experts basically help the body heal itself. Doctors provide optimal conditions for bone repair and healing to take place. The rest is up to your cells. .... (Please click to get to this full article)

The process I use to make my own colloidal silver.  Please click here to the page.

"...Orbital cellulitis has various causes and may be associated with serious complications. As many as 11% of cases of orbital cellulitis result in visual loss. Prompt diagnosis and proper management are essential for curing the patient with orbital cellulitis.

Examples are shown in the images below..." 

A male patient with orbital cellulitis with propto
"This moment, we are right where we need to be, right where we are meant to be. How often we waste our time and energy wishing we were someone else, were doing something else, or were someplace else.  We may wish our present circumstances were different.  We needlessy confuse ourselves and divert our energy by thinking that our present moment is a mistake.  But we are right were we need to be for now  Our feelings..."  please follow this article...